Covinil adopts the most demanding quality standards that are required from our customers who produce food products requiring top quality packaging.

Covinil has been evaluated and certified to be in compliance with the requirements specified in the technical standards and protocols of the BRC/IOP for companies producing and supplying branded food packaging at the point of sale.


At COVINIL we are fully aware of the importance of

  • Quality and Customer Service
  • Safety
  • Ethical Standards
  • Environment
  • Research, Development and innovation (R & D & I)

and we achieve our goals by fundamentally carrying out our key policies

Our quality mantra is one of total quality. It is based on the internal expertise of our workforce who have established controls in the manufacturing processes to minimize any possible error. It is a fundamental principle in the policy of COVINIL that our customer service allows speed of reaction to shorten delivery times, and provision of technical assistance to the customer when it is required.

At COVINIL safety has a double aspect; labor and product. Our management has been fully integrated and trained with a joint aim to eliminate or minimize labor risks for workers, and protection for the product. We perform corrective actions governed according to the principle «Decreasing the probability of accident, decreases the accident rate.» In Covinil we are also fully aware of the need to respect and protect the environment as a basic objective in the management of our activities.

At Covinil we are also fully aware of the need to respect and protect the environment as a basic objective in the management of our activities. Our ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT is to meet, and keep up to date the requirements applicable to the economic activity developed by the company.

For Covinil it is fundamental that in the current competitive market environment, it is absolutely necessary to carry out Research and Development activities to improve our products, making important investments in Equipment to introduce product innovations in the market to continue maintaining our competitiveness and targets of the future.

We are a member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). SEDEX is a membership organization for companies that are committed to continuous ethical improvement of its supply chain.

SEDEX is a non-profit organization based in London, UK, which is open to any company in the world who wish to become a member.

In COVINIL we are fully aware of the level of exigency of the current market and our commitment is total demanding compliance of the Company’s Quality, Safety and Social Responsibility (CSR) standards that are required, assigning all the necessary resources to reach a level of excellence in the management of these three lines of action in business activity